We provide the most comprehensive STEAM curriculum in Bangladesh through the Dip-Tech STEAM Lab program.

Courses We Offer in our Dip-Tech STEAM Lab Program:

Scratch Programming: Learn coding with
Scratch to create interactive stories, games, and
animations, while building and programming

KTurtle Programming: Dive into coding with
KTurtle, creating artwork, games, and
simulations, honing coding skills and fostering

Robotics with Arduino: Hands-on learning with
Arduino to build and program robots, developing
skills in electronics, coding, and problem-solving.

Python Programming: Master Python
programming, learning syntax, data structures,
and algorithms for problem-solving and critical

3D Designing, Modeling, and Printing: Explore
3D design, modeling, and printing to unleash
creativity and innovation.

Graphics and Web Designing: Learn graphic
design principles and tools, creating visually
appealing websites and digital media.

Designing and Assembling Robots: Learn
about different types of robots, design, assemble,
and program robots for various applications.

Self-made Projects: Create innovative projects
like UAVs, UGVs, RC Cars, and LFR, showcasing
creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.