Armath Program Objectives and Benefits

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Program Philosophy

Primary objective of the Program
The primary objective of the Pilot project will be to engage in collaboration with Armath Network of Labs all over the world and learn and take experience from it. Experience collected from the pilot project will help design the modules and program before mass roll out. Some broader long term objectives will be

– To make available advanced technology instruments related to 4IR to our young generation so they are well equipped to deal with future Job and Industry requirements in economy of the future.



3D Printing


Program Long Term Goals

In terms of Human capital development, Bangladesh, having a huge youth workforce, can benefit immensely from the Program in the long term. It is needless to say that Economic growth and many other development parameters will be impacted
positively as a result of the program.

– Help towards innovation: Equip its future generation with tools and techniques so they can leverage that knowledge to work and produce digitally what they think, imagine and cultivate, sharpen their ideas, concepts to invent and innovate.

– Future Economy: Equip its huge young generation with Future Skills in Technologies related to 4th Industrial Revolution so they can meet future Jobs and Industry requirements.

– Skilled workforce: Turning its huge youth population into skilled work force will turn
our country into a massive economic powerhouse.

– Popularize ICT in schools and change role model in society

– Regional development and woman empowerment

Program Impact: Economic

– Ripple effect in economy: Armath Program -> professional workforce with advanced technical education ->
expansion of technological employment -> increased economic activity in Technology sector -> additional activity in adjacent sector.

– Improved Industry linkages for enhanced productivity: § Establishment and strengthening of the “School system – Labour market

– University system – Labour market” link § Improved liaison establishment between the IT companies and the
educational systems

– Accelerating economic development by taking advantage of demographic situation (relatively young population) by decreasing the age of productivity and creativity

Social impact

Regional development

– High participation and enthusiasm in Girl students. About 30% in Armenia.

– Opportunity for physically and mentally challenged students

– Income source for disadvantaged school and college students

– Transformation of the “role model” in the society

– Promotion of the entrepreneurship culture

– Change in mentality and creative mindset

The Program creates baseline for knowledge based ecosystem for development,

Social impact

Branding Potential for Bangladesh

– Potential to create a brand image for Bangladesh as Knowledge basedcountry.

– Improve our performance in Global Innovation Index (GII)

– Capture and benefit from the true potential of Industrial revolution 4.0 and leapfrog our Garments production based economy to technology based economy.

Benefits of the Program for the students of Bangladesh

– Students will learn to work in teams, be methodical and have innovation mindset.

– Students can bring their creative design into reality by 2D, 3D modelling, prototyping through 3D printing, CNC machines and computer application design.

– Increased prospect to get admission in good universities and solid professional orientation towards ICT and engineering disciplines.

– Equipped with future job skills and increased employability in technology companies.

– Will have access to different online earning platforms.

– Will have global exposure with Armath network of Labs in other countries.

Suitability of Advanced Technology Engineering Labs in Bangladesh

– The Program can help achieve Government’s vision of Digital Bangladesh 2021

– The Armath program can be installed on Sheikh Russel Digital Labs already established in thousands of schools all over Bangladesh.

– Infuse knowledge and interest in technology into the country’s huge young population and thus reap the benefit of its huge demographic dividend.

– Tools and techniques from the program will help in employability and future skills in the backdrop of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)

– Collaboration with Armenia will allow us to learn new techniques from them so we can enrich our future programs.

Long Term Sustainability of the Pilot Program

– High-quality content, syllabus, and methodology customized to local context

– Development of an appropriate cost effective model which can be rolled out in every corners of the country.

– Development of a working eco system where all the components of the ecosystem play their appropriate role and support each other.

– Proper monitoring, feedback, action loop

– Qualified and trained pool of Human Resource

– Create scope for continual learning for students

– Create scope for earning, industry and market linkage

– Government’s continual support and endorsement

Future Horizontal and Vertical expansion

– From the experience gained from the Pilot project and accumulating inputs from all local initiatives the program will be ready for mass roll out in educational, vocational, public centres etc.

– Students from matured labs if properly connected to Marketplace and Industry can produce new ideas which can be Piloted / commercialized and main streamed trough levels of Start-up / Incubation programs or registered as

Intellectual Property

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